Spring Fertilizing

Homeowners who choose to put down weed-preventer in conjunction with a Spring lawn feeding should wait until around the time the Forsythia drops its flower petals. This event signals that the ground temperature is approaching that which will germinate crabgrass seed. Timing is critical to getting good results. 

Ice Dam It!

An ice dam on your roof can result in water sneaking under roof shingles and eventually reaching interior walls. Look for wet spots or streaks of dripping water where the ceiling meets a wall.

Ice dams usually result after extended periods of snow and cold but can occur after a just a single snowstorm where the snow/hail is blown against dormers or intersections of rooflines where water can intrude.

Removing an ice dam from the roof can be simple or difficult depending upon its location. Sometimes the issue resolves itself after a warm day.  A slightly damp wall is not a major problem; it will dry nicely. A soaked one, however, will need to be replaced.




Wet & Frozen

I was visiting a friend's house and noticed a big pool of water outside their pool bath. Investigating further I found that whoever winterized the structure for the season hadn't closed the valve that controls water to the icemaker. Freezing temps cracked a fitting and water was flowing wildly.  Lesson learned for next year. 

Winterizing Outdoor Shower

Don't forget to winterize your outdoor shower by:

1. Turning off hot and cold water supply to shower

2. Draining water from hot and cold water lines at shutoff off valves

3. Fully open hot and cold water knobs and remove drain plug(s) from outdoor shower hardware until water stops flowing and then replace plug(s).

4. If necessary blow out water lines with compressed air.


Heat & Humidity

Make sure your basement dehumidifier is working properly in this oppressive heat. Cleaning the coils increases the unit's efficiency. Our JunctionBox monitoring device measures humidity and alerts you if the level rises sharply. 


A couple weeks ago a neighbor's landscaper was fertilizing and over seeding the lawn. Guess he wanted to take advantage of a freaky sunny 60 degree day. That grass seed has long been rotted by the subsequent rain, snow, sleet and all-around crappy cold weather. A waste of time and homeowner money. Lawn seed most commonly used around here germinates best at a soil (NOT AIR) temp of 60 degrees. It takes multiple 60 degree plus days in a row to get soil to that temperature. So while it's great to get an early start on things, patience and a little knowledge once again is a virtue.  It's science yes, just not rocket science.  



Good News Bad News

Crocus and other Spring flowers are blooming and grass is greening-up early as a result of the unseasonably warm weather here on the East End. Nice. But along with this early gift is the coal in your stocking..pollen. Yup. The warm weather is elevating pollen production. Expect your allergies to kick in a little sooner than expected and respond accordingly. Bless You!


With a median home sale price of 8.5 million bucks, Sagaponack is the most expensive zip code in the nation according to Property Shark, a real estate website.  Atherton, CA comes in second with a median sale price of $5.9 million. Slackers.

Snow Day

East Hampton enjoyed about 12 inches of snow this weekend but continuing sunny skies and rising temps are melting the white stuff. But rumor has it that another Nor'easter is brewing and might hit the East End later this week.  Let's hope 2016 is not a 2015 rerun.

Crazy Rain

East Hampton is experiencing a long and spectacular rainstorm today with bursts of very high winds. The volume of rain is overwhelming gutters and water is spilling over over the edges in large quantities.  If your basement is prone to flooding then there's a good chance it will be wet. In particular, check any areas around window wells for intruding moisture.

Update: 11:48 a.m.  Rain has stopped.


Ice Melt

This morning Black Ice made its initial 2016 appearance on the East End with some fender benders and more severe accidents to show. Here's an article about some alternatives to rock salt which isn't completely effective at low temperatures.



Bird Feeders

Our feathered friends certainly enjoy the seeds and nuts provided at a bird feeder during Winter. But so do rodents. Best to keep bird feeders away from your house so that mice don't find their way into your relatively warm basement.


Once all the leaves have fallen make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean. Leaves and other debris will keep water from properly draining from the gutter which can result in ceiling leaks once winter's snow and ice arrives.