Junction Home Monitoring .. Indispensable for Second-Home Owners

JunctionBox continually monitors critical environmental conditions in your home or business including Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas, Light Status, Noise, and Motion Detection. It also has external Flooding and contact Temperature sensors ideal for water heaters, freezers, and other mechanical systems.

JunctionBox provides immediate email or texts alerts when conditions diverge from your programmed settings so that your property manager or you can react swiftly to remedy the problem and avoid costly problems. For your security, JunctionBox has an integrated camera that records video when motion is detected.  Conveniently, all data is accessible from a simple dashboard format on your hand-held device or personal computer.

JunctionBox works with a Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection. If your Wi-Fi goes down, a built-in cell phone temporarily takes over and communications remain intact. If you don't occupy your home full-time or own a small business, JunctionBox can be your eyes and ears, monitoring your property 24 hours a day, every day.

Junction Box can be purchased as part of Bay to Beach services or as a standalone service.

   Junction Box  

   Junction Box


Sample Junction Box Dashboard on Iphone

Dashboard with boiler.jpg